Fully Professional Services

Integration Services

We have a team of highly trained and skilled technicians that can assist with integration of sensors and other products'.

Training & Admin Support

We offer training and other administrative support as a "top-up" service so you have less to worry about when testing.

Engineering Services

We have skilled UAS engineering experts that van play integral role in your successful testing.

Maintenance & Repair

We have a staff of fully FAA certificated mechanics to allow for quality maintenance and repair services' if needed.

System Certification

We have a team of formerly FAA employed personnel who have managed multiple Type Certification and Supplemental Type Certification projects.

Launch & Recovery

We have personnel that can be on staff tpo assist with launch and recovery of your vehicle, as well as piloting operations and visual observations.


We offer the largest test range in the state of Michigan (which has a robust environment with all four seasons and is centrally located in the USA).  This coupled with our various runway access and towered airports it makes for a unique test environment.  

We offer everything you would need in a  “turn-key” fashion to get you up and testing/flying your aircraft.  We can offer everything you would need and you just show up with your Unmanned Aircraft, or we can customize to fit your needs. Schedule a discovery call with us today.

Simply reach out to us via our contact page and we will schedule a discovery call.  

Much of this is better discussed in person.  Reach out to us to conduct a discovery call and we can dive into greater details. 

Choos Your Plan

Basic Package

Great For Individual Customers
Same Great Access to Test Range
Dedicated Launch Site
Adhoc Admin Services
Adhoc Maintenance Services
Adhoc Office Space
Adhoc Hangar Space

Enterprise Package

Great For Businesses (small to large)
Same Great Access to Test Range
Administrative and Maintenance Support
Dedicated Office Space
Dedicated Hangar Space
Dedicated Launch Site

"Three Letter" Package

Great For Government Clients
Same Great Access to Test Range
Dedicated Launch Site
Dedicated Office Space
Dedicated Secure Hangar Space
Adhoc Admin Services
Adhoc Maintenance Services

Contact Info

1-833-4 ZEPHYR


Cage: 9DWS2