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Zephyr Systems Test Range

Michigan's Premier UAS Test Range with multiple capabilities and turn key operational support that can meet your unique testing need.

TEST Range

Zephyr Systems Test Range

Michigan's Premier UAS Test Range

We know testing can be exceedingly expensive and incredibly time-consuming. Zephyr Systems prides itself on getting companies in the air faster and more affordably than almost anywhere else in the United States. Zephyr Systems Test Range (ZSTR) is one of the nation’s leading UAS testing and development centers that is conveniently located in Central Michigan.

Our approved COAs allow for large and small UAS operations in the largest Test Range in Michigan, with operations approved to 7,000 ft. AGL. ZSTR boasts an impressively diverse testing environment, and we help connect companies to their desired remote launch and recovery sites in those test environments.

About Us

We Are Aviation/Aerospace Professionals

We are a fully staffed UAS services company with certified mechanics and trained pilots (manned and unmanned). Many of our employees have served in the military in the past and are familiar with the pressure to finish tasks and the unpredictable nature of a testing and research setting.

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Equipment & Facilities

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We have Facilities, Hangars, and GCS Trailers for your usage and rental.  This will assist on keeping your costs low when looking for a place to test your UAS.  We also have highly skilled and trained staff to assist with all of your needs.


Expanding Facilities

We plan to rapidly expand our facilities to adapt to the needs of our customers.


True operations in the NAS with Class D airspace, perfect for testing and certification.


FAA and Transport Canada (Basic and Advanced) Approved Training Provider.

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