Zephyr Systems Test Range

About Us

We Are Aviation Professionals

We are a fully staffed UAS services company with certified mechanics and trained pilots (manned and unmanned). Many of our employees have served in the military in the past and are familiar with the pressure to finish tasks and the unpredictable nature of a testing and research setting

More Services

Offering a Wide Range Services

Maintenance Services

Fully trained and certified staff capable of maintenance and integration services.

Equipment Rental

We offer everything you need to conduct R&D testing of your UAS.  We have hangar space, office space, GCS, and other equipment for rental.


We are an FAA and Transport Canada approved training provider.  We can administer training or develop a training protocol for your particular needs.

Chase Aircraft

We have chase aircraft capabilities for EVLOS operations.  We also can make use of trained and certified VO's to conduct operations in EVLOS/BVLOS.

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Why Choose Us

We are the premier Michigan UAS Test Range that offers multiple 5000+ ft. runways (KJXN, KOZW, KTEW, KJYM, and KBTL) in a multiple locations.  We are able to conduct day/night operations and EVLOS for your testing needs.

Flight Altitude
0 ft. AGL
Larger UAS
0 lbs.
Square Mile of Test Space
0 sq. miles
EVLOS Operations
0 %
Day/Night Operations
0 %
Airports Included in Test Range (more coming)

Profesional Team

Michael Furmanski

Michael Furmanski

Chief Executive Officer
Sara-Anne Furmanski

Sara-Anne Furmanski

Brian Long

Brian Long

Chief Operations Officer
Gabriel Lopez

Gabriel Lopez

Director of Operations
Travis Morris

Travis Morris

Director of Maintenance/Safety
Greg Richards

Greg Richards

Director of Government Services

Contact Info

1-833-4 ZEPHYR



Cage: 9DWS2